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Sleep helps Sanity and Banking Bothers

April 16th, 2009 by sunflowers

SiguatepequeI checked into an ‘expensive’ hotel with a toilet that doesn’t flush and a cold, leaky shower because I wanted wireless internet so I could sort out the fact that Barclays will no longer allow me to log into my online account with this stupid card reader and I won’t be able to until I can access a Barclay’s ATM.

SiguatepequeWord to the wise if you are going on an extended trip get an extra card and set up telephone banking as that is the only way I will be able to transfer money to my travel account at Nationwide (which used to have charge free foreign transactions but I have read it now charges but is still the cheapest in the UK) is through telephone banking.

I was very close to deciding to skip Tegucigalpa and not see the children’s charity but after a good nights sleep and figuring out where Casa Alianza is on the map I am ready to tackle it even though I just read about a fellow biker being stopped by a crooked cop in Tegucigalpa. Btw if you want to read a much more eloquent blog about this trip check out kwaktour.wordpress.com I totally identify with what he saying but just couldn’t write it the way he can. Between my pictures and his writing you would probably have one full trip report 😉

Oh also can my friends please pop me some emails as I haven’t had any in ages and I know that I am not writing to you but I spend all my time online sorting out administration and writing this blog.

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One Response to “Sleep helps Sanity and Banking Bothers”

  1. Stephen Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 11:16 am

    I’m fairly sure you’ve missed out something about wanting wireless so you can phone your lovely boyfriend who’s been helping you sort out your banking problems! Hope you had fun with the kids. x

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