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"To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower; Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour." William Blake

England Goes Smoke Free

July 1st, 2007 by sunflowers

Southwark TavernSouthwark TavernEngland finally followed the rest of the UK and smoking became illegal in all public areas. Wales introduced the ban in April, Scotland last year and Ireland three years ago. My friends decided to celebrate by arranging a Sunday lunch in the Southwark Tavern near London Bridge. Apparently Southwark Tavern used to be a debtors prison. I couldn’t find historical references on the web and there was nothing displayed in the pub about the history but downstairs you can see that it was originally set up with cells. It was particularly poignant for me as I have been reading London, a novel which covers sixteen centuries of London history by Edward Rutherfurd.

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The Final Countdown

June 30th, 2007 by sunflowers

Well it is now officially a year until I go. I can’t wait. My work has asked me to extend my contract until end of June 2008 and then I am off. We are still in negotiations as they want me to have insurance that they can claim against in case I am in an accident but I haven’t been able to find any.

Now that I am a year and counting I am determine to start learning Spanish – which I know is going to be difficult as languages aren’t my strong point.

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Celebrating Canada Day

June 29th, 2007 by sunflowers

Canada DayToday the celebrations for Canada which is on 1st July were held in Trafalgar Square so I went along after work and checked out some of the bands that were playing and went for a wonder with my mate around Covent Garden.

HaymarketWe also passed Haymarket Street which is just around from Trafalgar Square where the police had found a car bomb full of nails that had been left there in the early hours of the morning just outside a big meat market club called Tiger Tiger

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Muddy and Miserable

June 24th, 2007 by sunflowers

GlastonburyBy the Sunday morning I was wondering around Glastonbury looking for some toilets that I could bare the smell of and weren’t too messy while I was getting more muddy and miserable by the minute. Sitting disconsolated on a seat in the rain I found myself near the Healing Field and decided that I would try and break myself out of my dreary mood. Walking past the rekiki and head massage tents I ended up talking to a bloke sitting under a sign saying Soul Spirit Healing and when I explained to him I was feeling a bit down and lonely he said that it sounded like I cared too much and was trying too hard to make friends. It was quite cool as I felt like something had changed in me that had probably been around since I was bullied at school in northern Canada.

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June 22nd, 2007 by sunflowers

GlastonburyI was over Glastonbury before even getting there. Part of it was having just been to a festival, also a lot of the people I know who used to go weren’t going this year and I wasn’t going with a female friend to run around checking out all the bands with. I decided to post on one of the festival forums looking for people to hang out with. I met a few of them in the first couple of days but didn’t really click with them. So instead I tramped around in the mud and rain by myself.

GlastonburyAfter the first day I was also suffering from a lack of sleep as someone in one of the tents near we snored so loud that even though all other sounds were blocked out by my moulded ear phones but not this blokes snoring. I then lost my mobile and the mud and the toilet facilities were getting to me.

The good things where my friends, hot cider, strawberry cider, a few nice random people I met and seeing Modest Mouse, The Coral, John Fogerty, Maccabees, Killers and the Kaiser Chiefs.

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Home Run

June 20th, 2007 by sunflowers

Playing Softball in Hyde ParkWe played softball against another company tonight and I got a home run. Technically speaking three other people came up to bat while I was making my home run but when you consider that my first time up to bat I was so pleased I hit the ball I forgot to run and the second time I hit the ball it was a lovely pop shot and someone caught it that I felt as pleased about crossing the home base as getting a home run.

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Opulent Opera

June 19th, 2007 by sunflowers

Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king of Uruk (present day Iraq) but is also a restaurant lounge bar upstairs over the Camden market. It can hold over a thousand people and is opulently decorated in a Babylonian theme but serves Pan Asian food.

It is my mates birthday on Thursday so I took her out for dinner to Gigamesh and it was one of those nights that everything falls into place. It turns out that it was opera night and for half an hour they have opera singers walk around the floor. My friend came back from the restroom to find the male opera singer standing on her chair serenading me but seeing as he had the wrong party girl he pulled out her chair for her and sung to her. Then afterwards it turns out that The Mules a band (drummer is the lead singer and the band to watch has loads of energy) that I had seen when managing Music Roll Exchange was playing at the Dublin Castle so we followed up dinner with a set of a couple really good indie bands.

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Nothing Wrong

June 18th, 2007 by sunflowers

Last night I had a date with a guy doing his doctorate in psychology. After an evening of probing me about my family history he analysed me as normal which was nice coming from an almost professional. A lot of times when I mention that I am on internet dating sites people say that they thought only losers or those wanting to get their end away were on them. Seeing as how I consider myself to be neither of these things I assure them that isn’t the case. It was only bicycling to the gym this morning I realised how many times my date had said that he wanted to go back to my place for coffee. I know this sounds naïve but I honestly thought that he just meant that he wanted to have a coffee before going home as he had a big day today but I said that I didn’t really drink coffee and offered to get him a red bull instead. In the cold light of day I don’t think that he really wanted caffeine. I will be slightly disappointed if he doesn’t contact me seeing as how he was also into music (does acoustic gigs), same age as me and just passed his motorcycle licence.

I was thinking about whether statistically it is worthwhile staying on dating sites. I reckon 75% of the guys I meet there is no interest on either side, 10% there is interest on mine but not theirs and 10% the other way and the last 5% I go home thinking there is mutually attraction and I don’t hear from them anyway which makes me wonder what is wrong so I hope this guy’s diagnosis wasn’t just based on wanting to get some.

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Reorganisation and Remotivation

June 17th, 2007 by sunflowers

Lois on the LooseAfter reading this book on Saturday about a girl’s hedonistic working holiday to Australia I was left in slightly bleak mood so it was nice on Sunday morning to get up bright and early and meet Lisa to go through the business plan and costings for the male cosmetic products, come back home and talk to my sister in Korea and spend the rest of the day cleaning before getting ready for my date. My sister has just joined a gym and has been going for an hour or two a day so we are going to have a competition to see who can get the most fit in a month. I am hoping the added competitiveness will give me the extra motivation as my sessions at the gym are always under an hour including a shower.

I also read Lois on the Loose’s website which has resparked my enthusiasm about my trip.

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Three Dates in Three Days

June 16th, 2007 by sunflowers

I thought that the best way to get over that bloke was go on a few internet dates. I am not so sure now. I am beginning to believe the people who tell me that I should stop trying and it will happen when I least expect it. To which I usually reply that it is like telling someone who is looking for a job to stop submitting their CV. But I am sick of being asked questions like ‘you don’t seem too ugly so why are you single and what is wrong with you’ by someone from a dating site to which I think, it isn’t me it’s you. You also get asked what are you looking for which is usually asked by the type of person that again the thought passes through my mind – not you.

I think that I am pretty easy going in what I am looking for. I am just looking for someone that I enjoy being with that I am attracted to and can trust. Shared interests would be good but not necessary. Funny, but if not at least they laugh at my jokes. I went on a lunch date on Friday that was ok but he was a lot older with children. Then tonight I thought I would meet up with this bloke because he had grown up in South America and it was a fiasco. His profile said that he was five years older than me but either they had been a hard five years or he was at least ten years older than that (sort of a now Steven Segal look).

He started by asking me what I was looking for and I said someone to share things with and he said that if I was looking it was because I wasn’t secure or confident enough about myself. Then he asked me if my last boyfriend was white and accused me of being racist to which I said that two of my closest female friends are Black and Asian, I am part Maori and my sister is married to a Korean so I didn’t think I was. Then when asked if I was religious and I said agnostic but I did believe in giving back to the community because I know how lucky I am – to which he said how could I know how lucky I was if I hadn’t seen children dieing, people fighting for food and that I probably just did volunteer work so that I could impress people. By which point I gave up. I hope tomorrow nights goes better.

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