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"To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower; Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour." William Blake

Joining a Gym

January 16th, 2007 by sunflowers

I have pretty much belonged to every gym chain in London. David Lloyds, Holmes Place, Fitness First (3 times), LA Fitness, Keiser Training (2 times), Aqua Terra (Islington council gyms), Hammersmith Fitness and Squash and Cannons. It is like a necessary evil of city living. I have spent most of my lunch times and after work checking out the gyms close to work. I really want to find something close to work that has Yoga and Pilates at lunch time and has decent weight machines for early morning preferably with a nice spa area and ironing facilities. The cost of them is fairly high so I want a membership that I can just use over the winter and then do sports over the summer. So far I am considering Cannons £85/mth or Holmes Place Moorgate £83/mth. Tomorrow I am going to go and check out the premier Holmes Place gym in Broadgate which is £135/mth – which is getting to a ridiculous amount to pay for a gym.

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Albums of 2006

January 15th, 2007 by sunflowers

A friend of mine sent out his albums of 2006. I would have to say my favourites were the new Killers – Sam’s Town and Snow Patrol – Eyes Open albums. Also good for a local band is Mohair’s Small Talk. I was disappointed in the latest albums from The Dears – Gang of Losers, Hope of the States – Left, Magnet – The Tourniquet, Damien Rice – 9 and Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise (this came highly recommended but not sure why as I like his earlier albums better though I am impressed that Snow Patrol mention Sufjan Stevens in one of their songs). Not new albums but I recently got these ones which I like Grant-Lee Philips – Mobilize (not so fussed on his remixes in Nineteeneighties), Rob Thomas (ex Matchbox Twenty) – Something To Be and a friend introduced me to an Australia band Dallas Crane which I highly rate.

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Advance Riding Second Time Around

January 14th, 2007 by sunflowers

I started my second set of advanced riding lessons today. Nicely I wasn’t alone in repeating the class and there are two others that are taking it for the second time. I think that winter is a better time to be doing the riding classes as there is too much rain in the spring – there is a reason they have a saying here, April showers. Speaking of which there are already daffodils blooming in the city which isn’t a good thing environment wise.

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No Figures No Dice

January 12th, 2007 by sunflowers

I wrote to my business partner in Turkey before xmas to say that I didn’t think our partnership was working out and she wrote back to say that she agreed and she either wanted a partner who was based in Turkey or she would buy me out and would send me last summer’s figures which I still haven’t received. It is good that she agrees it isn’t working as one of our agreements was that I wouldn’t try and exit until the end of next summer. But it was also agreed that I would get the operating figures on a timely basis which hasn’t happened.

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Funniest Home Video

January 11th, 2007 by sunflowers

While I am waiting to recover from jet lag and starting my new job to write up the last of my trip I want to put a video I took of my nephew Macklin up. I was going to put it into youtube up it isn’t accepting uploads at the moment so you might need a good connection to watch this.

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First Day

January 10th, 2007 by sunflowers

Well it was my first day at work today. I am the first women that they have had on their general management board. So far so good. The company is being restructured in order to free up senior resources for the project which is a project managers dream.

I think that I will be pretty busy for the next while so might take a break from writing every day and limit my blogging to when I have something interesting to write. But the good news is someone at my new job is looking into volunteering at Chance UK.

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Last day of holiday

January 9th, 2007 by sunflowers

Dubai RiverOn my last morning in Dubai I did a river boat tour and then headed to the airport. It was a bit of a mission to get onto the plane with my entire amount of cabin luggage. The plane was delayed and I didn’t end up landing at Heathrow until ten at night instead of eight.

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Dubai Desert

January 8th, 2007 by sunflowers

Seven star hotelI had an overnight stop over in Dubai. During the day I went on a tour the city and saw the world’s only seven star hotel. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do more than see it from the beach as you can only go there if you have either a hotel or dinner reservation and they were booked out for the month of January.

Traditional DressDesert SafariIn the evening I did a desert safari in 4xr4’s over the sand dunes. Out in the desert we had a traditional meal, belly dancing, henna hand painting, camel riding and traditional costumes to dress up in. After the safari I went out with the tour driver and a bloke on the tour from Kazakhstan. My hotel had a South Indian ‘night club’ which we started at. It turns out that ‘night clubs’ are like strip clubs except the women don’t strip but them men can pay to take the women home after the club closes from three in the morning to eleven in the morning.

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Sunday Softball

January 7th, 2007 by sunflowers

Bayley at SoftballOn my last day in New Zealand I went with my aunt to watch my cousins play softball who all play at a provincial level. During when I had the rules of softball explained to me.

At three we headed to the airport to catch the six pm flight out. My flight stopped at both Brisbane and Singapore for an hour which was a bit of a pain. I sat next to a really interesting bloke who protected convoys in Iraq and is working for the same company that I will be working for (but obviously a slightly different role).

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Thanks to All

January 6th, 2007 by sunflowers

From Plane over Marlborough SoundsFrom Plane over RuapehuI have had the best trip ever around New Zealand. I must thank my extended family for their trips to the airport to pick me up. My parents for letting me borrow their cars, putting me up and cooking for me. My mates for letting me stay as I travelled up and down New Zealand. And most of all Nigel for letting me borrow Daisy for three weeks and trusting me enough to make it up to the Bay of Islands and back even knowing my level of ability as he regularly reads my blog – but he said I had probably gotten my bike dropping over and done with Thumper my own bike. I had the best holiday ever!

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