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Trip Ethos
With the recent erratic weather patterns we are experiencing it is becoming more and more relevant that we look after our environment. One thing that is bothering me more and more is what a disposable society we are. I used to think that mean just using disposable plates but as an adult I realize how we view our assets as something that is to be replaced not only when it breaks (rather than mending or fixing) things but more as fashions change or new models come along we just buy another one.

I found it interesting to find out that pre 1900 everything was made to be reused and the concept of disposable didn't exist until the bottle cap closely followed by the disposible Gillette razor.

Now I think that the concept of disposable has become so ingrained in our society that we don't even think of it as such. This hit home with me when after using my backpack for the last ten years and it being subjected to a few minor repairs that I thought seeing as how it was old and dirty I would get a new one until I realized the irony in a disposable hiking backpack.

I know travelling and riding a motorbike aren't the most environmental ways to raise money. But I believe that it is important that you do whatever you can within reason in order to reduce the impact you make on the environment.

What I am doing:-

Flights: emissions from flights will be offset by donating money to climiatecare.org which plant trees for the emissions from your flights.

Bike: Well for a start it is more environmental friendly than driving from top to tip. And when I am in London I do use my push bike to get everywhere.

Accommodation: I will be taking along my camping gear and camping wherever possible.

Food: I am a firm believer of sticking to locally and organically produced food and will be doing this where ever possible.

What you can do:-

Food: Try and buy seasonal, local, organic fruit and vegetables. A couple of books that totally changed my way of thinking on these areas are Not on the Label by Felicity Lawrence and Shopped by Joanna Blythman

Shopping: support your local business (Read Shopped by Joanna Blythman)

Banking: Use an ethical bank. Try Smile online or the Cooperative Bank

Electricity: For not much more switch to Good Energy the only supplier that totally sources it's energy from renewable resources. Don't be fooled by companies that say they are green but just donate to the WWF.

Additional Reading: This is a great book on every day useful things you can do. I thought I was pretty switched on about the environment but it taught me a thing or two Go M.A.D! - Go Make a Difference: Over 500 Daily Ways to Save the Planet!

A bit about Ethics

I thought that I might as well use the opportunity to espouse the things that I believe in.

Please don't say that we can't fix the world so why do anything. It is important to do what you can as every little bit helps.

Unfair Trade costs You 2 X

Do you release that our government subsidies companies in the EU to complete in markets that for some countries are the only markets that they can access and there by denying them the ability to improve their own economy. These subsidies come from our tax money. Then our leaders to show good faith give these countries debt relief again from our taxes! Why? Because it is our money they are spending and they aren't effecting either their mates companies or the party gifts that they receive from these companies.

Check out www.maketradefair.com/en/index.htm

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