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Maria organised a Horizons Unlimited Meetup on Valentines Day where I met her. Maria and her partner Alistair travelled around South America for a year.
The Franglais Riderís Journal

Jan. He was traveling just ahead of me and I never met him but I liked reading his blog as it seemed to sum up how I felt about the places I had been to if I was more eloquent.
Another Londoner

Oisin. Mad Irish dude who met me when I picked up my bike and rode with me around Anchorage. Reading his blog later scared and excited me. When I used to message him on how it was going he would say, ups and downs. Which is exactly what it is.

Alexander. Dutch bloke who emailed me to ask if I knew about camping in a park of butterflies in Mexico and then pulled into a petrol station in Colombia six months later just in time to help me fix my bike.
Sander on a Single

Ed and Dom: Are riding around the boarder of Great Britain in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer and have a way cool website

Lois on the Loose: Lois rode from Alaska to Argentina and is currently riding from London to Cape Town

Mike: I met Mike at one of the HU meet ups and before he went on his own coastal long distance bike ride he wrote me several encouraging emails. Including the fact that before he biked through South America he had only just gotten his bike license and when someone asked him if he knew how to change the oil he replied, into what?

Mike Skinner: Who is doing the trip that I would be doing if I hadn't delayed mine to 2008. In fact he is travelling with Iain whose ad in the gumtree started me planning my own trip. So I am following his adventures vicariously through his website

Brian and Fie: Who I met at a party, are traveling to India and I am on their regular update emails

Paul: Who is traveling around the world, I have never met but has kindly put a link to my site

Bob: Who is traveling around the Americas and sent me an email of encouragement - he has a forum on his site


Motorbike Links

Horizons Unlimited (HU): Everything you ever wanted to know about long distance motorbike travel plus brilliant forum called the HUBB

Chain Gang: Everything that you want to know about BMWs F650 plus really friendly, helpful people on the forum

London Bikers: What it says with a pretty active forum and a meet up every wednesday night

Adventure Rider: Forum for adventure bike enthusiasts

RehabLondon: Men's skin care



Met Check: Best weather site


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