31 January 2010
Not allowed to fly for 1 month after my accident due to a punctured lung I finally fly home.

29 December 2009
Pick up bike from Chile/Argentina border. It badly damaged in the rear.

24 December 2009
Come to in intensive care after five days of head trauma with a punctured lung, broken collar bone and cracked ribs.

19 December 2009
Come off my bike 200km from Ushuaia.

18 December 2009
Speedo ticks over 30,000 miles (50,000 kms).

26 November 2009
Fly back to London and sort out a job.

22 October 2009
Cross into Brazil and see Iguazu Falls.

15 October 2009
Visit Paraguay which I really enjoy. Buy tyres here if you need them.

13 October 2009
Have ridden over 24,900 miles (the distance of the world's equator).

05 October 2009
Have birthday in a salt hotel in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

03 October 2009
Discover dinosaur tracks in Sucure the capital city of Bolivia.

02 October 2009
Visit world's highest city in Potosi, Bolivia.

29 September 2009
Shat on by monkeys, swim with pink dolphins and find an anaconda in the Pampas, Rurrenabaque Bolivia.

25 September 2009
Machu Picchu, Peru.

22 September 2009
Hike the Inca Trail.

20 September 2009
Fly through the Amazon jungle on a zip line in Peru.

16 September 2009
Boat around Lake Titicaca the worlds highest navigable lake.

15 September 2009
Harvest coco plants and ride the death road near La Paz, Bolivia.

10 September 2009
watch the world's largest bird in the world's second largest canyon, Cola Canyon, Peru.

07 September 2009
Almost hit yet again in insane traffic in Peruvian city, Arequipa.

05 September 2009
Fly above the Nasca lines, why, I don't know.

01 September 2009
My sister flies out to see me in Lima, Peru.

30 August 2009
walk through 3,500 year old tunnels in Chavin de Huantar, Peru.

28 August 2009
Watch the sunset on beautiful snowed capped mountain range Cordillera Blanca, Huaraz, Peru.

25 August 2009
Set up camp in the middle of main street in a tiny Peruvian fishing village.

22 August 2009
Cross into Peru.

21 August 2009
Hike the Valley of Longevity in Vilcabumba, Ecuador.

20 August 2009
Almost go over a cliff at some roadworks in Ecuador.

14 August 2009
Watch whales jumping in Puerto Lopez, best thing I have seen so far.

06 August 2009
Islands cruise in the Galapagos, Ecuador.

01 August 2009
Dive with a school of hammerheads in the Galapagos.

29 July 2009
Guys try and rob me in Quito capital of Ecuador.

27 July 2009
Stand on the middle of the world at the equator.

26 July 2009
Ride into Cotopaxi national park near Quito Ecuador.

24 July 2009
Sad to leave Colombia.

21 July 2009
New chain and sprockets at 20,000 miles in Cali Colombia.

19 July 2009
Win award at astronomy conference in Desierto de la Tatacoa, Colombia.

12 July 2009
Treat myself to a luxuarious stay in a hotel with hotsprings, Coffee district, Colombia.

09 July 2009
Ride through rain to Salt Cathdral, Bogota, Colombia.

06 July 2009
Hammock time at Andres, San Gil, Colombia.

03 July 2009
Eat a queen ant in Bucaramanga.

01 July 2009
Accomodation from a stranger in a petrol station.

29 June 2009
Mud bath in a volcano.

26 June 2009
Spend 60 hours straight traveling back to Colombia and miss my bike but glad for the break.

20 June 2009
See the best coral diving I have seen in Tobago.

15 June 2009
Watch huge leatherback turtles laying eggs in Trinidad. It was an amazing experience.

10 June 2009
Catch ferry from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago.

02 June 2009
Fly in tiny plane and boat up rapids to visit Angel Falls.

31 May 2009
Fish and eat piranhas in Los Llanos, Venezuela.

29 May 2009
Go Paragliding in Merida, Venezuela and love it.

20 May 2009
Leave bike to be fixed in Colombia and head off to Venezuela by bus.

18 May 2009
Reach South America.

14 May 2009
Come off bike and break handlebars, pannier and windscreen. I'm ok.

10 May 2009
Reach the end of the northen part of the Panamerican highway in Yaviza.

07 May 2009
Cross into Panama and ride through boarder blockade.

28 April 2009
Cross into Costa Rica.

22 April 2009
Visit Casa Alianza in Managua, Nicaragua.

18 April 2009
Crossed into Nicaragua.

17 April 2009
Visit Casa Alianza in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

10 April 2009
Celebrate Easter in Comayagua, Honduras where they lay down carpets of sawdust called Alfombras.

06 April 2009
Missed out on seeing whalesharks in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.

29 March 2009
Track day with Kawasaki.

16 March 2009
In El Salvador for the election where the ex-guerilla group FMLN breaks Arena's 20 year stronghold.

12 March 2009
Hike across Parque El Imposible.

10 March 2009
Cross into El Salvador without paying for help at customs.

03 March 2009
Start assistance teaching computers at local school.

01 March 2009
Have head smacked hard playing in the waves.

16 February 2009
Receive a police escort from San Pedro to Antigua in Guatemala.

14 February 2009
Last day of 5 days of Spanish, here's to hoping that I can understand what people are saying to me now.

03 February 2009
Blog counter hits 100,000.

31 January 2009
Twilight tour of Tikal.

30 January 2009
On my own again crossing into Guatemala.

19 January 2009
Underwhelmed by diving the Blue Hole.

10 January 2009
Meet up with Steve in Belize who has flown out to 'resuce' me for 2.5 weeks.

05 January 2009
Meet up with Sergio a local rider who introduces me to the local Mayan community in the Chiapas.

31 December 2008
Find out that my travel partner has headed back to the US.

24 December 2008
10,095 first fall in a field in Mexico City.

24 December 2008
Hit 10,000 miles since Anchorage.

21 December 2008
Drinking tequila in Tequila.

17 December 2008
Ride 200 miles of constant curves over the Devil's Spine.

12 December 2008
Crossed over into Mexico.

30 November 2008
Arrive in LA for part two.

20 November 2008
Leaving party at The Queen Boadicea with great talent. Check it out!

09 November 2008
Only three weeks left! Updated my trip schedule.

15 October 2008
Have organised a leaving party for 20th Nov. Invite can be found Here

24 September 2008
Started my forth set of Spanish lessons. Went back to do Level 1 A and still struggling.

01 September 2008
Back at work. Preparing for Part 2 – LA to Tierra Del Fuego.

30 August 2008
Mad dash to LA to make early morning flight.

28 August 2008
Stop at Corbin Factory to get a new seat made to relieve backside ache.

23 August 2008
Cross back into the US and head down the pacific coast towards LA.

18 August 2008
Do my 4000 mile service with a little help from a friend.

15 August 2008
Cross over from Alaska into Canada.

09 August 2008
Drive 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle to Prudhoe Bay!

03 August 2008
One way flight to Anchorage, Alaska, USA!

22 July 2008
Parabellum.com donate one of their tall, fuel saving windscreens to the cause. Thanks!

04 July 2008
Bought a Suzuki DR650 in Anchorage. Very pleased as it was a bit worrying not being able to find a bike.

04 June 2008
Less than two months to go and I can't find a dual sport in Alaska for love nor money.

10 April 2008
The Tractor ('94 BMW F650) stolen from outside my flat.

12 March 2008
Book one way ticket to Anchorage for 03rd August 2008.

14 January 2008
Start Spanish lessons again in order to prepare for going through Central and South America.

23 September 2007
Have an accident on the M25 with my BMW F650.

15 July 2007
Attend a 'First on the Scene' of an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) course at the Woodford Fire Station and learn basic first aid and what to do at an accident.

24 May - 05 June
Ride my new ER6f up to the Faroe Islands via Shetland Islands joining up with the Shetland Island Cruisers and back via the Orkney Islands.

19 May 2007
BMW F650 broken down again! Buy brand new Kawasaki ER6f for £100 (0% finance). My first 'sports' bike.

10 January 2007
Start 18 month contract and reschedule trip to August 2008.

01 December 2006
Take mini motorcycle holiday around New Zealand until new job starts on the 10 Jan 2007.

13 November 2006
Accept contract position and delay trip in order to prepare and save more money.

13 October 2006
I hand in my resignation for the 30th November.

17 September 2006
Have bought www.1girl1bike1world.com and want to turn my trip into around the world adventure if I make it through the Americas.

20 July 2006
Bike fixed and so far ok. Tank bag just arrived in the mail.

9 July 2006
Five weeks and Motoden (Honda UK) has still not fixed my bike. Phoned up a BMW dealership and they said it only takes a couple of days to source parts.

20 June 2006
Bike still not fixed. And it is my sisters's (Rhonda and Dawn) birthday in NZ.

4 June 2006
Bike back at dealership as it keeps on cutting out due to cracked carburettor cover.

2 June 2006
Summer's here (c; Cancelled bmw off-road course.

13 May 2006
Bike finally fixed!

06 May 2006
Motoden takes 7 weeks to fix the clutch. Picked up bike and the back break broke down after seven miles. So still no bike.

02 May 2006
Sabbatical refused

24 April 2006
Presented work with my business case for taking a sabbatical.

19 April 2006
Start 10 week long evening classes in Motorbike Maintenance at Hammersmith Community College.

26 March 2006
Bike breaks down during Police BikeSafe day.

22 January 2006
Drop BMW F650 Funduro. Good thing it was secondhand.

21 January 2006
Buy secondhand 1994 BMW F650 Funduro.

20 November 2005
Amazingly pass bike test.

1 October 2005
Decide to motorbike the americas.