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Hall of Fame (also called "With a Little Help From my Friends")

I don't think that you can do a trip like this without a lot of help and what makes it worthwhile is the people who you meet as you are going.

First I would like to thank those at home who helped make this trip possible.

Jess: Who arranged my leaving party and who is looking after my things while I am away.

My family and friends: For never questioning that I could do a trip like this and for listening to me plan it for three years.

And the people who I met along the way.

All the couch surfers who put me up. The website is www.couchsurfing.org

Patrick: who helped me find a bike in Alaska and by picking me up at the airport in Anchorage made starting the trip not quite so scary.

Harlia and Scott: Who helped me buy my bike from the UK and then opened up especially for me on a Monday so that could pick it up.

Mark H: Who put me up in Alaska and rode with me while I did my first gravel road fully loaded.

Alcan Jack: I had heard horror stories of the Haul Road but knowing I was going with a Jack made the trip easy. Also for convincing me to go down to Valdez and his hospitality in Copper Creek. Blog entry

Riding companions on the haul road: Who all watched out for me and turned what could have been a cold lonely trip that I wasn't looking forward into a fun ride. Blog entry

Jeremy: Who helped me do my first motorbike service including changing the rear tyre which I admit he did by himself with me watching. Blog entry

Family in Grande Prairie : Who I hadn't seen in 15 years and put me up and did a family dinner. Blog entry

Greg and family: Who hosted me in Port Angeles and introduced me to Stephen Meyer's writing which helped a couple of plane journeys go by faster. Blog entry

Allyndreth and David: Branywn's sister who let me stay for a couple of days in San Fransico so that I could go sightseeing. Plus the yummy homemade pizza. Blog entry

David: Who met me, stored and serviced my bike and took me to the airport when I had to go back to the UK and finish out my contract. Then understood when I couldn't pick it back up right away due to jetlag. Blog entry

Ward and Cathy: For picking me up and for being the closest distantly related family someone could have.

Mark B: Who rode with me into Mexico and made the start of Latin America not so scary. Remember Alpine. Blog entry

Edmundo: For being the first Latin American who I met in Latin America and putting me up and helping me give the bike one of it's few washes. Blog entry

Lisa and the bikers at Purto Angel: For a great new years eve. Blog entry

Sergio: For taking me to visit the local communities in the Chiapa and their generousity. It has been one of the highlights of my trip. Blog entry

Sri: for organising our night stroll of Tikal and allowing me to ride his vStrom to the amusement of those who saw us. Blog entry

Julio, Lusia, Karla and Andres: For making me laugh more than I ever have, sharing Guatemala and a special thanks to Julio for arranging everything. Blog entry

The Three Graces: For allowing me to stay at their beautiful house and inspiring me. Blog entry

Mike: For arranging computer classes that I throughly enjoyed helping out at. And making sure I was ok when I hurt my head. Blog entry

People I met in Monte Rico: I enjoyed hanging out with you and hearing your stories. Blog entry

Mario, family and friends: For putting me up and showing me out. For friendship and hospitality and treating me like one of the family. Blog entry

Boanerges: Arrange for me to receive a discount on an oil change and handguards. Blog entry

Carlos: For allowing me to stay at his lakeside batch, servicing my bike and fitting new tyres and finally for also having dropped his bike riding down his driveway fully loaded. Blog entry

Paula and David: For taking me in at the ferry port and helping organise our visit to Trinidad and Tobago. Click here for their website.

Fernando: A huge thanks for letting me leave my motorbike at his place for five weeks and have a bit of a break from riding and then sorting out Colombia for me. Blog entry

Mike and Diane: Thanks for helping me extend my bike permit in Colombia and getting my chain, sprocket and tyres changed. Good luck with the hostel and the tour company. Click here for the Casa Blanca Hostel website.

Luigi and Karine: Thanks for taking me riding and then letting me store my bike at yours while I went to the Galapagos, sorting out the stuff I need for the oil change and new light and letting me stay. Blog entry

Court and Sylvain: For letting me tag along and get to campout with you. Blog entry

Oscar and Elizabeth: For looking after my bike while I traveled with my sister and sorting out the service and getting a centre stand installed. Blog entry Jorge and Ana: Thanks for the lovely fairwell to Bolivia, fixing the tail light and helping me figure out my route to the bottom. Blog entry

Joćo and Elliot: Thanks for the pizza and the hospitality. Blog entry

Mozart: Thanks for following my trip since the begining and letting me stay in Londrina. Blog entry

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