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The Trip
The Trip

Start in Anchorage and head to Grande Prairie, Alberta where my mother is from. Then head down to LA and take the Pan American highway to Argentina.
  • Some of the places I want to see are:-
    • Inca and Maya ruins
    • Machu Picchu
    • Antartic
  • Some of the things I want to do are:-
    • Visit family in the US and Canada
    • Stay in a Eco lodge
    • Go diving and White water rafting
  • Some of the things I want to accomplish on this trip are:-
    • Learn to speak Spanish.
    • Start a regular yoga routine without having to go to the gym to do it.
    • In my head I have a picture of myself with a guitar strapped to the back and learning to play but maybe that is unrealistic.

The Map

I have just done a really rough outline of my itinerary as I haven't started researching everything that I want to see yet.  This will be refined in the coming months.

ps.if anyone know how to make a map interactive please let me know.

Itinerary The countries and some of the things that I want to see are below:-

  • Alaska 01 August 2008
    • Start in Anchorage
  • Canada
    • Grande Prairie to visit family
    • Drive down through Alberta to visit family
  • US - leave my bike and go back to work for three months (Sept,Oct,Dec)
    • LA, start of Part 2 01 Dec 08
    • Texas
  • Mexico 12th Dec 08
    • Copper Canyon
    • Teotihuacán, Mexico's biggest ancient city
    • Oaxaca, City
    • Paelnqe, best example of Maya architecture
    • San Crisobal de Casas, colonial city with bohemian atmosphere
    • est: 2 weeks act: 4 weeks
  • Belize 9th Jan 09
    • Cayo Distrist (Belmopan) Caving and underground tubing
    • Caye Caulker, diving
    • San Ignacio, Mayan ruins
    • est: 1 week act: 3 weeks
  • Guatemala 30th Jan 09
    • Volcan Pacaya (active)
    • Antigua
    • Quetzaltenango
    • Semuc Champey
    • Chichcastenango, central america's largest indigenous market
    • Rio Dulce
    • Folres, Tikal ruins
    • est: 1.5 act: 5 weeks
  • El Salvador 9th Mar 09
    • Santa Ana, colonial city
    • Lago de Coatepeque
    • org: was going to miss if running out of time act: 3 weeks
  • Honduras 30th Mar 09
    • Bay Islands, Utila (ferry from Tela)- cheap scuba diving but sounds like Bay of Islands where I am from
    • Copán, Mayan ruins and hot springs
    • Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, armadillos and class 4 white water rafting
    • org: 1.5 weeks est: 2.5 weeks act:
  • Nicaragua
    • León, cultural centre
    • Granada and San Juan del Sur (surfing)
    • org: 1/2 week est: 2.5 weeks act:
  • Costa Rica
    • Parque Nacional Tortuguero, turtles laying eggs Mar-May
    • Puerto Viego, beaches and nightlife
    • Volcan Arenal, active volcanoe
    • Corcovado National Park
    • Reserva Santa Elena, virgin cloud-forest?
    • Monteverde flying fox
    • Liberia
    • Orosi, hotsprings
    • org: 1.5 est: 2.5 weeks act:
  • Panama
    • Panama City and the Canal
    • Kuna Yala, indigenous islands
    • Chiriqui Highlands, rare quetzal
    • The Canopy Tower, unusual eco-lodge
    • org: 1 week est: 2 weeks act:
  • Columbia est 10th June
    • Medellin
    • Catagena
    • Ciudad Perdida
    • org: 1.5 weeks est: 1 month act:
  • Venezuela, Brazil and the countries inbetween July/Aug 09
    • Now that I have extra time why not
    • org: not going to go est: 2 months act:
  • Ecuador Sept 09
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Quito
    • Cuenca
    • Riobamba train called the devils backbone
    • Amazon Basin
    • Banos, white water rafting
    • org: 1 week est: 1 month act:
  • Peru Oct 09
    • Cusco (white water rafting) and Machu Picchu, but might have to save it for another time due to it being the rainy season.
    • Lima
    • Arequipa museam
    • Lago Titticaca
    • Huacachina
    • Nazca Lines, geometric shapes and animal figures drawn into the ground.
    • org: 1.5 weeks est: 2 weeks act:
  • Bolivia Oct 09
    • La Paz, highest Capital City in the world
    • Isla del Sol
    • Uyuni
    • Potosi, highest city in the world and silver mining
    • org: 1.5 weeks est: 2 weeks act:
  • Chile Nov 09
    • Lake District, volcanic hot springs
    • Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael, icebergs
    • Easter Island
    • Valparaiso, beaches
    • White water rafting in Bio Bio and Futaleufu
    • org: 2 weeks est: 1 month act:
  • Argentina Dec 09, Jan 10
    • San Antonia de Areco
    • Buenos Aires
    • Ushuaia
    • Iguazú Falls
    • Glaciar Perito Moreno, advancing glacier fragmenting into great chunks of ice
    • I would like to get down to the Antartic from here
    • org: 2 weeks est: 1 month act:

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